Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Heidi

I met my husband in Alameda in 2005 right after I graduated from chiropractic school. I was living here while I finished graduate school, and he is a native Alamedian! Since 2005, we have lived in several different addresses, gotten married, and had two kids. We moved back to Alameda to be closer to family in 2018. We wanted to simplify our life and maximize our family time, by living, working, and having our children go to school in the same community.  I moved my practice of 8 years, “Inspired Life Chiropractic”, from Grand Avenue in Oakland to Alameda. I changed the name to “Feel Good Chiropractic” to reflect our new beginning- and what chiropractic is all about- helping us to feel good- the best version of ourselves!


I’m an avid playground & park goer, coffee enthusiast, reader, writer, chef, beginning gardener, ocean lover, bed-time story reading,  deep conversation having, moma/wife/friend/daughter/teacher/healer.  After a long spell of not regularly exercising, in 2016, I started working out consistently and ran my first half marathon June 2017- this process of carving out time for my self-care helped me to deepen my joy and appreciation for life.  There is nothing like the luxury of a long jog or 75 minute yoga class to wring out my nervous system and make everything right in my world.  I get the struggle of finding/making the time for ourselves, whilst being the glue to it all…


I love people and experiencing genuine connections and helping to create more beauty and magic in the world.  I am constantly in awe of my two beautiful, not so little anymore humans, who call me mom- and yes, it is the hardest job ever.  I feel blessed to do it. I feel blessed to be where I am right now.  If any of this speaks to you, I’d love to meet you and to have a conversation about who you are, and how I can help you to live this precious life, at your best capacity.

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– Grew up in rural Maine as the middle child in family of five
– Served four years active duty in the Army
– A. S. from George Washington University
– B. S. from Excelsior College in New York
– 2005 Cum Laude Life West Chiropractic College Graduate with a Doctorate of Chiropractic
– Traveled and served Chiropractic nationally and worldwide in countries such as Nicaragua, Armenia, Jamaica, France, Spain, and Italy
– Attended hundreds of hours of Chiropractic, Healing, and Personal Growth seminars
– Mentored under some of the top Chiropractors in the field
– Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and certified in “Webster’s Technique”
– Chiropractor for East Bay Home Midwifery in Berkeley, CA from 2012 to 2014
– Formulated her unique blend of gentle Chiropractic that helps unwind tension, gain increased awareness, and achieve amazing results

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