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Chiropractic is a philosophy, a science, and an art.

Amongst all of the different chiropractic techniques, the major unifying chiropractic goal, is to balance the Central Nervous System.

The Nervous System is the main computer to our body, and it controls all of the other systems in the body.  A foundational principle in Chiropractic philosophy is the vitalistic understanding that life is intelligent.

When I adjust someone, I am working with the body’s innate intelligence- its inner knowing- of how to heal and how to function.  My goal is to remove any interference and underlying tension to that intelligence, or life-force, so that the brain and the body can properly communicate to each other, via the Nervous System, and thereby heal itself naturally from the inside out.

My job is to be the conduit to this healing.

Many of my clients, whom have tried other chiropractors, tell me that I have a very unique style- that I have continued to grow and evolve since I graduated in 2005.

My style is gentle, and tailored to each person- it combines low-force energetic work and can include some light specific osseous adjusting.

I also may use an activator (a small spring-loaded adjusting tool) and a drop table with some clients.

Each adjustment is helping the body to unwind tension and resetting the Nervous System.

Over time, we actually reprogram the body, and create new neural pathways for an improved way of being in our bodies.  The result of a Nervous System that is no longer functioning in a chronic stressed state, is that we become more flexible and responsive to our environments.

We can integrate stress more easily and dissipate it, rather than store it, which results in a higher level of health and well-being.

We feel better in our bodies physically and emotionally.

With less energy in our bodies going to stored tension, and more energy available to us, we feel more inspired and more apt to take action doing the things that are important to us.  We show up in the world being more of who we really are…..

Oh yeah, and this easier state of being is known to create lots of happiness!  Chiropractic care is about allowing us to live our lives as fully expressed, joyful, and connected as possible.

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